Recent work and speaking engagements

Sample current and recent work

  • Coordination of climate policy initiative and joint climate op-ed in national media for a consortia of 9 trade unions, business organisations and knowledge institutions. The new policy recommendation for the national climate strategy promotes climate and organic conversion in public kitchens, and in Denmark’s restaurants, hotels and workplaces (may 2020). More info on my blog. And here: Climate and Organic Conversion in public and private food service
  • Leading a project team developing “Guidelines for Correct Climate Claims on Food products” for a consortia of 9 leading food companies and retail leaders, and danish organisations for climate, consumer affairs and agriculture. Report expected in november 2020. Presentations (sept 2020) on use of Science Based Targets, LCA and climate compensation in company strategies for climate goals, actions, documentation and climate claims are here: ArlaCOOP, Concito.  Intro slides for the project are here:  Intro Climate Claims. And here is our 8 principles for true and fair climate claims and Final report in Danish. 
  • Lobby and Op-eds in leading national newspapers making the case for Carbon taxation Putting a price on climate
  • Member and contributor, Climate Partnership for Retail, recommendations to the danish government on climate policy for the food industry (march 2020).
  • Approved as new member of climate think tank CONCITO.
  • Collaboration with C40 cities on joint declaration  “Good Food Cities: Achieving a Planetary Health Diet for All” with call for climate friendly, organic food. Mayors Climate Summit (october 2019)

Sample recent speaking engagements

  • The Danish Model: Organic Policy & NGO Capacity as catalysts for organic breakthroughs (Ekologiska Framtidsdagen, KRAV & Organic Sweden, september 2020)
  • Political solutions that drive organic market development (European Organic Congress, july 2020). Key takeaways in my blog: Policy drives organic market
  • Presentation for the EU Kommission: Organic Policy and NGO Capacity as catalysts for the organic sector. Recommendations for the EU Action Plan and European Green Deal (BIOFACH, Nürnberg, feb 2020).
  • Organics at a Tipping Point: Sustainability frontrunner, market breakthroughs, and the role of food companies and retail today, (IFOAM EU Meets Business: Bringing the Organic Food Industry Together, Brussels, December 2019)
  • Municipalities Achieving UN Sustainability Goals in Partnership with the Organic Sector (Organic Congress Denmark, Municipal Theme, November 2019)
  • Organic 3.0: The global organic agenda, (Lundsgaard, Denmark, October 2019).
  • Organic NGO mobilization + National and local organic policies: driving organic breakthroughs, (ALGOA—International Summit on Organic Agricultural Policy, South Korea, September 2019)
  • Organic policy as catalyst for breakthroughs in organic farming and market development –and how the next EU Action Plan can help! (EU Congress, International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements, Bucharest, june, 2019)
  • Innovative politics that create healthy, climate friendly and organic meals in public sector kitchens (Sial International Food Exhibition, Paris, 2018)
  • Organic Denmark’s Climate policies—a new model for effective climate policy (Danish parliamentary meetings 2018)
  • The Danish model: Innovative policy as catalyst for the organic sector, (Houses of Parliament, UK, London 2015 and 2017)
  • Organic farming—foundation for sustainability and UN sustainability goals. (Speech and workshops 2017 to present )
  • Organic Denmark: Building an effective lobby organization (International research consortia for Interest Group Politics, 2014, workshops for global NGOs, 2014, 2016, 2018)
  • What organics can do for cities: Examples from Denmark (Urban consortia,  2017)

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